Membership services

The Union of Professional Engineers provides its members with services that help them avoid the pitfalls of working life, advance their careers, and receive salary that is worth their time. Union experts support the members and produce research publications, guides, and online services that a member can access at any time of the day. A member of the Union of Professional Engineers is not left in the lurch.


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Salary counseling

A member has access to the salary-assessment tools Salary statistics and Salary counter that are based on the union’s labor market survey, and personal expert assistance.

Employment services

The union provides legal assistance in matters related to employment relationships, employment contracts, and working life. A member can book an appointment to personal counseling though customer service.

Career services

The union’s career experts help you with questions related to your career, job search, and professional development. The member is provided with tools and coaching for career planning and application making.

Job board

The Union of Professional Engineers’ Job board connects employees and employers in the field of technology. You can search job vacancies and create job alerts in the service. The service is provided by Duunitori in cooperation with the Union of Professional Engineers.


Labor market policy, industrial policy, and education policy are at the heart of the Union of Professional Engineers’ advocacy. The union is active in the labor market, and it monitors the interests of engineers in working life and develops well-being at work by influencing relevant legislation.

Research activities

The research team of the Union of Professional Engineers collects information about engineers, union members, senior staff, trade unions, the development of working life, and the environment, and monitors the unemployment situation of engineers on a monthly basis.

Membership benefits

Among other benefits, the membership of the Union of Professional Engineers includes Traveler’s insurance with Turva . In addition, a member can get a Danske Bank housing loan without delivery or handling fees.

Event Calendar

The union offers online training and contact meetings across Finland. The purpose of the events is to develop the members’ competence and provide the members with a space to network and enjoy themselves. You can sign up for the events in the Event Calendar.