Why join the Union of Professional Engineers

The Union of Professional Engineers membership creates a safety net for your career and fosters professional development. When you have questions about employment counseling, career planning, or salaries, you can always turn to the union.

You receive access to a wide selection of training and personal advice. Gain support during all stages of your career, regardless of being a student, recent graduate, or established professional. With assistance from the expert network employed by the union, you can assess the direction of your career, get tips for updating your CV or receive help checking your employment contract.

The Union of Professional Engineers monitors and lobbies the interests and appreciation of engineers and other technical professionals. The union focuses on promoting the interests of engineers in the labor market, and business and education policy-making. By focusing on the labor market, we aim to build fair and equal employment rules.

Our economic policy aims to maintain and create jobs in the industry and its related fields. Our education policy affects the quality, content, and number of people trained in engineering so that it corresponds with the needs of the individual, labor market, and society.

Professional networking is important and may create surprising areas for collaboration. You can meet new people and strengthen your network at events arranged by the union and its membership associations. Professional pride is an appreciation of your expertise and profession. Become a member and join people who work in the same field.

Membership also includes many benefits and services that help you with your everyday work. Among other things, the membership fee includes a comprehensive insurance package that covers you during work time and leisure time.