Team sport network

Would you like to take part in team sports? Do you have a good team of engineers or colleagues who wants to take part in a tournament? The network activities of the Union also cover sports, team sports, and other physical activities.

The Union encourages and supports the members to represent it in various tournaments and events. You can represent the union in a competition for any sports, and the event can be anywhere in Finland. The Union pays the team’s participation fee and helps to assemble the team if necessary. The condition of the support is that the team is made up of members of the Union, and the team uses the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s name.

Are you interested in a specific sport, event, or participation? Sign up, and we can see if the team can be assembled. You can also suggest a tournament or event that you are interested in if it is not yet on the list. Help assembling teams is also welcome. If you have any interest in assembling a team and expanding your network, please contact us.

Floorball teams for 2023–24 season The Union’s floorball teams compete in the amateur series in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere and Turku. The teams are open to all Union members. For more information about signing up and games, see Floorball teams for 2023–24 season.