Recommend membership

Take part in our I Recommend! bonus program by recommending a colleague or friend become a member of the Union of Professional Engineers.
In addition to the members of the association, the member recommendation applies to all Akava employee representatives.

By recommending membership, everyone can contribute to strengthening the union’s community and building the common good.

The Union of Professional Engineers is a partner for its members when they are building a career – both at an individual level and in situations affecting all its members. By making a recommendation, you get a reward and your friend gets a better workday!

The reward for the recommendation is an S-Group gift card worth €40, which is automatically delivered once the friend has joined the union. The I Recommend! reward is given for individuals who sign up for full membership. Student and pensioner memberships won’t be rewarded.

Admission form to a colleague or friend

For the reward to be granted, the joining member must provide the contact details (email and name) of the person who recommended him/her in the space provided on the admission form.

Join as a member