Student membership

The Union of Professional Engineers is an affiliate of the Akava trade union. It brings together engineering students, working engineers, and other technical experts.

When you are studying, in addition to learning new skills and gaining knowledge, it’s important to take the time to network. You will benefit from an extensive network throughout your later career. Trade unions are one of the best channels for professional networking. As a technical student, you have the opportunity to join the Union of Professional Engineers as a student member during your studies. You get the benefits and services of the Union at a student price of €30 for 5 years and you can be part of a community that supports you at all stages of your life.

The Union of Engineering Students

The Union of Professional Engineers is joined via membership associations. For students, the membership association is the Union of Engineering Students. The Union of Engineering Students is a national membership association of the Union of Professional Engineers, founded in 1955 to represent technical students in both polytechnic schools and the trade unions. The Union of Engineering Students has 23 local associations, which are run by hundreds of students across Finland.

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