Banking benefits

As a member, you can take advantage of Danske Bank's diverse membership benefits for a mortgage, investment, and basic banking services. If you are newly graduated, please also check out the comprehensive benefits package for recent graduates.

Take advantage of the benefits at Danske Bank’s website. You can have the information in English from the Danske Bank customer service.

Danske Harvest Account

Danske Harvest Account is rewarding and flexible account saving for Union’s members. 3-month Euribor – 0.9 % interest on your savings from the very first euro. Visit the banking benefits website tailored for the Union members at Danske Bank’s website.

Benefit loan

As a member of the union and a customer of Danske Bank, you can now apply for a loan for a temporary need, without an initial fee and at a very competitive interest rate. This benefit for Danske Bank loans is suitable for you if you need temporary flexibility in your finances, for example, due to a layoff, and you cannot or do not want to pledge assets such as your own apartment as collateral for a loan. The specific loan benefit webpage is only in Finnish, but you can ask more information from Danske Bank experts.