Membership fees

The amount of the membership fee depends on your membership organization and if you join the unemployment fund. It is also possible to receive a discount on membership fees in different life situations. Your membership fee can also be paid in several ways. Keep your membership fees up to date. If necessary, you can find out more about membership fees, and your membership status from customer service.

The membership fee is determined by the membership association

The membership fee consists of three parts: a union fee, a membership organization fee, and a fee for the Unemployment Fund for the Highly Educated (KOKO) if one chooses to join. Find the membership fee of your membership organization in the membership fee table.

Payment methods for members

Do you want a paper invoice, an e-invoice, or would you like the membership fee to be taken directly from your salary?

Membership fees and tax returns

The membership fee is tax-deductible in its entirety. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland informs the tax authorities of the contributions paid annually.

Membership fee discounts

If the member’s life situation changes they may apply for a discount on the membership fee.

Unemployment fund

As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you can join the unemployment fund when you are in paid employment.

Membership benefits

The members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland have a wide range of different membership benefits for everyday life and leisure. Take advantage of membership benefits and make your everyday work life even more comfortable!

Not yet a member?

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