Automatic call

If you receive a phone call from the number 044 750 3537.

Hello from the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland! I am an automated telephone representative, and, along with my human colleagues, I help take care of the Union’s members.

I will be calling members and student members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland to ensure that we can provide you with even better services. For example, I make sure that you remember all the benefits and services available to the members.

In the context of automated phone calls, no sales are made. The Union can offer the best customer service by combining automation with human expertise.

You may receive a phone call if you are the Union’s member, new student member, a graduate member or have terminated your membership.

All the membership benefits and services remain the same from the boisterous student years and the years of howling success to active retirement days.

Member – You may receive a phone call regarding your membership. The Union wants to ensure that you are served in the best way possible and reminds you of the benefits of membership in various life situations.

New student member – The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland would like to congratulate all technical students on choosing such a great field. The future of humanity may very well lie in the hands of your innovativeness and expertise. The Union wants do defend and support both students and the engineers who are already working in the industry. It offers the same benefits and services to all its members – from the early student days onward.

Graduate members – You may also receive a phone call if you are graduating soon. As you became a member back in the day, you will receive a membership fee discount of EUR 14 per month for the first 18 months after graduating. You may report your graduation during the phone call.

Termination of membership – The Union is interested to know the reasons behind the decision to terminate the membership in order to provide even better service and support for the Union members. You will receive an automated call after the termination of your membership.

So, if you are wondering who called from the number 044 750 3537 – it was the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland!

You can also call this number back within a week. When you call back to the number, the call will be charged a standard mobile phone charge as specified by your telephone service provider. When calling from a landline, the charge is a local network charge

If you have useful tips or feedback, let the Union know or contact the Union’s customer service.