The organization

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is your community if you are an engineer or other technical professional. For 100 years, the Union has functioned as a platform for professional activities and promoting the interests of engineers and other technical professionals.

Information on activities

The Union’ activities can be joined through membership organization. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is an affiliate of Akava.

The Union negotiates collective agreements through its bargaining organizations YTN in the private sector and JUKO in the public sector.

Membership organizations

You are a member of the Union through your membership organization. Membership organizations often operate in the economic area of a city – only a few associations are active all over Finland.


As a member, you can influence the activities of the Union. Get to know the policies regarding the Assembly and how you can influence the Union.

The Board

The Board of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland directs the activities of the Union based on the decisions taken by the Assembly and decides on current matters within its jurisdiction.

Committees and delegations

The committees and labor market delegations support the preparation and work of the government’s decision-making process.

Information on the Union

The Union is a reliable advocate and lobbyist. The Union provides security, opportunities for success, and high-quality services to its members. Get acquainted with the Union and it’s the history.