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President of the Union of Professional Engineers

Insinööriliiton puheenjohtaja Samu Salo
Samu Salo
0201 801 810

Communications of the Union of Professional Engineers

Jari Rauhamäki
Communications Manager
040 505 2115
Kirsi Tamminen
0201 801 819
Janne Luotola
Communications Officer
0201 801 822

Press releases

Press releases from the Union of Professional Engineers are published in STT Info.

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The Union of Professional Engineers

Jari Rauhamäki
tel. 0201 801 847   

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The Union of Professional Engineers’ Research Team

The Union of Professional Engineers is the top expert on matters related to the working life, employment, and salaries of engineers. The union’s research team conducts several surveys each year and produces a wide range of up-to-date information.

A wide range of information and research reports are available on the union’s website

The research team assists in all kinds of issues related to the working life of engineers and technical professionals. The best way to reach experts in the union’s research team is to contact customer service.