Research publications

Current unemployment report

The Union’s research team monitors the unemployment situation of engineers monthly and compiles a report on the situation.

Graduate Employment Survey

Targeted research on post-graduation employment, access to employment, quality, employment conditions, and salary levels for newly graduated engineers. The results of the study have been compiled in the presentation below, which can be browsed with arrow keys.

Student Employment Survey

The study carried out by the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and the Union of Engineering Students addresses employment while studying and examines students’ access to summer jobs, quality of work, and salary levels.

Survey for students on distance learning and summer work

A questionnaire was sent to the members of the Union of Engineering Students in May, the aim of which was to find out how the Coronavirus and the exceptional situation in the spring of 2020 have affected the studies and summer jobs of engineering students.

Survey on the effects of the Coronavirus

A questionnaire sent to members on March 23, to map changes in the work and working situation of members due to the coronavirus situation and confidence in the economy.

Salary statistics

The salary statistics compiled from the labor market survey results are available to members on the Members page.

Unemployment Survey 2018

The unemployment survey examines the situation of unemployed members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, services related to unemployment, and the use of employment leave.