Economic policy-making lobbying

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland promotes the employment of its members by playing an active role in economic policy-making. Finnish employment relies on vibrant and growing companies.
The vitality of the export industry increases Finland’s global competitiveness.

Engineers are needed to drive exports.

Economic policy-making lobbying supports lobbying in other areas as well by affecting decision-makers, laws, and regulations in Finland and the European Union. The aim is to safeguard the employment of engineers and other members of the union by affecting decision-making. This requires reasoned views, knowledge, and expertise. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s research is extensively utilized when promoting the interests of its members. The importance of maintaining and developing skills is emphasized in a changing labor market. The key element of economic policy is to advance research, product development, and investments.

In 2020, the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland conducted a study on Finnish R&D funding and an international comparison of it (in Finnish).The Study on Finnish R&D (in Finnish)Lataa

Work creates growth, and growth creates work

Sustainable employment policies safeguard the operations and growth of companies.
The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland considers it unquestionably important to increase the employment rate in Finland. In the short term, the employment rate must be 77% and in the long term, it must be close to 80%. This goal is the cornerstone of the welfare state.

A sustainable employment policy also calls for the fostering of sustainable development, so that Finland will continue to be at the forefront of development. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland attaches importance to Finland’s fair and determined climate and sustainable development policies that take employees into account.

Work must always be profitable for the individual, and the conditions of work must be safeguarded in every situation. The same rules apply to foreign workers as to all other workers.

Employee participation in workplace decision-making must be secured now and in the future

To promote interests in economic policy-making in 2020, the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland aims to:

Create ambitious means of employment

  • Set up a staggered unemployment benefit >>> Better protection at the start of the unemployment period
  • Promote the right to study longer with unemployment benefits
  • Reform family leave to improve the position of women in the labor market
  • Standardize work permit processes for foreign labor
  • Promote upskilling as a solution to the employment mismatch problem.

Increase new creative industrial activities

  • Advocate for efficient support for industrial service activities and its commercialization
  • Address bottlenecks in innovation, development, and research funding and increase incentives for business innovation, development, and research activities
  • Control the gray economy

Update annual leave policies

  • Update annual leave policies >>>> Saturdays should not be calculated as working days during the annual leave
  • Annual leave days that have not been used should be able to be transferred to the next leave period.
  • The deductible period of six days of illness will be removed from the law in accordance with the guidelines of the European Court of Justice

Working on equal terms

  • The employee’s home country must not determine the terms of employment
  • Work permits are not granted to companies that do not comply with Finnish labor law and collective agreements
  • Creating fair legislation for platform workers

Bringing staff inclusion levels up-to-date

  • The Cooperation Act must be reformed
  • Legislation on the development of human resources must be unified and standardized

More information

More information on economic policies regarding entrepreneurs can be found under the Lobbying for entrepreneurs page.

The Union of Professional Engineers Finland’s lobbying activities are based on researched data. The labor market status of engineers and other senior staff is monitored regularly. The latest salary statistics can be found only on member pages.

The Federation of Professional and Managerial Staff’s (YTN) data from 2019 describes the labor market situation of senior staff.