Salary counseling

Salary counseling helps members with issues related to pay negotiations. You should use salary counselling tools if you are about to make a salary request when applying for a new job, are calculating an appropriate salary level when your job changes in your current company, or feel that your current salary is lagging behind the average salary level.

Experts’ advice should also be used when preparing for salary negotiations; when considering how to justify a salary request, or how to make the employer see your contributions. Salary counseling also helps students and recent graduates to find the right salary level for a summer job or internship, an engineering job, or the first job in their field.

By logging into the Member pages, you can access comprehensive salary tables and find an appropriate pay bracket for different positions using the salary counter. Good tips help prepare for salary negotiation.

Personal salary counseling

In personal counseling, you get expert advice on the salary levels of engineering positions, taking into account your situation. You can also find information about the salary levels in other countries if you considering working abroad. Personal salary counselling can be obtained by e-mail or telephone.

If you want to receive personal salary counseling, do this: Contact the customer service, your message will be forwarded to the salary counseling team. You will be contacted as soon as possible, usually within one working day.

Briefly describe for salary counseling:

  • job description: title, what the job involves, position in the organization, and whether there is a managerial responsibility
  • job details: industry, number of employees, location
  • your background: graduation year, previous work experience in the field
  • current salary level

Good background information on the task, the job, and the current level of pay will speed up the service.