Employment counseling

The Employment counseling of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland provides guidance and assistance in matters related to employment relationships and everyday working life. The employment counselling webpages contain information on various topics related to working life and the related FAQs.

Employment counseling is typically contacted when the terms of an employment relationship are unclear or when there are undesired changes to working conditions. In such situations, the first point of contact is primarily the person’s own Union steward. If there is no Union steward, it is advisable to contact Employment counseling immediately.

The experts in Employment counseling help you confirm your rights and obligations as an employee in any working life situations involving friction. You will also be provided with advice on how to start resolving problem situations.

Problems can be prevented by having the Union’s experts check various agreements related to an employment relationship before signing them. This allows you to be sure that you understand an agreement’s content before you sign it and to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

In Employment counseling, members are served by Advisors, Legal Counsels and Employment Counselors. The Union’s customer service is the best way to reach its services and experts. Remember to mention your membership number when you contact us. The membership number can be found on the membership card.

Take advantage of the experts’ help in, for example the following matters:

Comments on agreement

  • employment contracts
  • agreements concerning assignments abroad, director’s service contracts and shareholder agreements
  • employment termination agreements
  • separate, more extensive non-compete and non-disclosure agreements
  • agreements related to intellectual property rights
  • training expense agreements
  • local agreements pursuant to collective agreements
  • comments on other local agreements (such as agreements on flexitime and agreements on early intervention)

Legal counseling

  • legal questions related to employment and service relationships
  • unemployment benefit questions, questions related to the interpretation of the Unemployment Security Act
  • questions on an employee’s liability for damages
  • labor offence issues
  • complaints to the appeal committee of unemployment security about unemployment fund decisions

Workplace situations

  • issues related to workplace bullying
  • job complexity/salary issues
  • practical guidance on the cooperation procedure
  • situations that require direct contact with the employer (such as the collection of salary arrears, investigating the grounds for a termination of employment)
  • interpretation of the collective agreement
  • selection of the Union steward