Legal assistance

Membership of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland includes the possibility to obtain legal services from the Union. Legal Services and Collective Bargaining cover legal counselling, settlement negotiations and, when necessary, legal assistance in a court of law in labor law disputes related to a member’s employment or service relationship.

The first point of contact in situations involving disputes is primarily the person’s own Union steward. If there is no Union steward, or if the matter cannot be settled with the help of a Union steward at the workplace, the member should get in touch with the employment counselling of the Union. Employment counselling guides and assists members in disputes arising from employment and service relationships.

The Union’s Advisors and Legal Counsels always aim to resolve disputes primarily through negotiations and settlement. If the negotiations fail to achieve a satisfactory outcome, members can obtain legal assistance from the Union’s own Legal Counsels familiar with labor law. If a dispute arising in an employment relationship leads to legal proceedings against the employer, the in-house Legal Counsels of Union of Professional Engineers in Finland take care of the proceedings.

The legal assistance provided by the Union is free for members and financially risk-free in legal proceedings instituted by the Union. The Union will also provide compensation for the counterparty’s legal expenses in the event of a lost case. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland provides compensation for the legal expenses of the Union’s members without a deductible and limitations on the maximum amount of legal expenses, even if the expenses rise to tens of thousands of euros, and even if the legal proceedings continue after the district court to higher court instances.

The decision on taking the case to court will be made by the Lead Legal Counsel of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The prerequisite for legal assistance is that the membership has been valid for at least three months before the event due to which the legal assistance is sought, and that the membership fees have been paid according to the Union’s rules. Another prerequisite for legal assistance in a court is that the matter does not pertain to an extremely minor dispute or minor interest, and that the dispute cannot be resolved with a reasonable settlement. The member’s claim must furthermore be based on Finnish law or agreements, and the claims must be provable. The legal proceedings must also be of the kind that can be conducted in Finland. The accounts presented by the member must also show a likelihood of the member not having been treated according to the law, and contracts and agreements.

Even in disputes with an employer that relate to working life but do not pertain to labor law and that the Legal Counsels of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland do not therefore take care of, the member may secure the Union’s support. In matters related to legal services, contact the Union’s Customer Services. You can also use the contact form on the Union’s Customer Services page.