Societal lobbying

Many governmental decisions affect the personal life, employment, and opportunities of a member.

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland influences these decisions in accordance with the needs and interests of its members.

Lobbying is the key means for the promotion of interests in society. Influencing starts with collecting and analyzing information and facts that affect the lives of members. This will lead to an understanding of the objectives and actions that are important for members.

Meeting of parliamentarians is a part of lobbying.

The objectives are passed on to policymakers, parties, individual politicians, and officials to support their decision-making. Lobbying is continuous work. It requires meetings, seminars, events, even one-on-one meetings, and telephone calls. We also share our views with the public through press releases, factsheets, blogs, videos, and individual tweets, among other things.

Look towards the future

The lobbying role of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s is aimed at solving major societal problems, such as climate change. Technical and engineering skills are part of the solution to many social issues. We contribute to making these solutions more efficient and easier to use.

The Union’s societal lobbying is about improving social conditions instead of focusing on short-term solutions and personal gain. The starting point for lobbying is that social problems can and must be solved in a way that benefits members.