Working life information for students

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has created a lecture series on the basic skills and knowledge needed for working life. The series consists of the Keys to a Good Working Life lecture (Finnish: Avaimet hyvään työelämä), held during the daytime, and then evening classes supporting the content of the lecture.
Polytechnic school teachers and study counselors can order lectures from the organizational advisor Ilkka Rautio or directly from an expert they know. The lectures are free of charge for schools.

The Keys to Good Working Life Lecture

The lecture gives guidelines for the beginning of working life and is well suited, for example, for the beginning of a communications course. Lecture duration 2-3 lessons.

The lecture will address, inter alia, the following topics:

  • How to start an engineering career?
  • Where to find a job
  • How to apply for a job
  • Employment relationship and employment contract
  • Unemployment benefit

Evening courses

In support of the working life lecture, there are also evening courses that deepen the understanding of topics covered in the lecture series. Also, evening courses offer information on e.g. LinkedIn, performing skills, or even interview situations. The duration of evening courses is 2-3 lessons.