Graduation notice

You can submit a graduation notice as soon as you have graduated, or one month before graduation at the earliest. The graduation notice has to be made because after graduation you can no longer be a member of the Union of Engineering Students. Instead, you can become a member of your regional membership organization and start to receive their services and benefits. You can submit the graduation notice in eAsiointi:

When your membership association changes, your membership fee will also change slightly. Your new membership fee consists of a union fee, a membership organization fee, and an unemployment fund fee if you join the unemployment fund. If you join during your studies, you will receive a discount after graduation on the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s membership for the first 18-months. The discount is €14 from the monthly membership fee.

Without discounts, the membership fees of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and the KOKO unemployment fund will be in total approximately €35 per month. After the tax deduction, the price will be approximately €20 per month. However, please note that membership in the unemployment fund is not automatic. The fund must be joined separately.