Multiform learning students

Multiform students are an important part of the Union community. How could you further your professional development and networking? You can join the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland already while you are studying. Get to know all the Union’s services and benefits and make the most of your membership!

Multiform learning

Multiform learning Bachelor’s degree enables studying in all sorts of life situations, and suits as a studying form when you can not take part in traditional day time teaching. Multiform learning suits people who want to take responsibility of their learning and are able to study independently.

Join the Union

Students who are studying to become engineers, construction architects, laboratory analysts or construction foremen can join the Union of Engineering Students. You can join once your studies have begun.

Student membership

As a technical student, you have the opportunity to join the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland as a student member during your studies. You get the benefits and services of the Union at a student price of €30 for 5 years.

Join the Unemployment fund

Remember to join the unemployment fund already during your studies if you are working while studying! You can join the KOKO unemployment fund through the Union of Professional Engineers.

Vacancies for engineers

The Union’s Job board connects employees and employers in the field of technology, providing jobs at all stages of working life. You can search vacant positions and create job alerts that will send jobs matching your criteria to your email address. The service is provided by Duunitori in cooperation with the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

Student culture

Student culture and various student events are a big part of student life. At these events, the student’s most important outfit is, of course, your student overalls and the badges you collect. Technical students and experts, as well as the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, have their own culture and traditions. One of the most visible parts of this culture is the engineering cap that has its own traditions and rules.