Continuing as an active member

Have you been an active member of the Union during your studies? After graduation, everything doesn’t have to change. You can actively participate in the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland also during working life! We have tailored our YH4 training for activists who have been employed for about three years, dealing with union activities while in working life.

It is also worth familiarizing yourself with Union steward activities in your workplace. The Union trains elected Union stewards for their duties. It is also worth familiarizing yourself with the YTN activities and their guidance.

More information about staff-representatives

If you become an elected Union steward, please be sure to report it in the YTN’s services. However, if you want to influence your Union, you can apply to the Board of Directors at the meeting of your membership organization. Find out the schedule of meetings from your membership organization. You can also contact the regional advisor for more information.

Alumni network

Do you feel that student life was your golden age? Do you remember how well things were in your time, or do you have any expertise and contacts that might be useful to new student activists?

Join the Union’s alumni activities! The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has a variety of local alumni networks where you can meet your old friends and expand your network. For more information on alumni networks in your area or school, contact your membership organization, local association, or the organizational advisor Niko Angervo.