Oath Archimedes

An engineer is a part of the process that creates technology. This technology is created for the good of nature and the humankind.

An engineer protects the lives of plants, animals and humans with all his or hers actions.

An engineer avoids dishonesty and disagreement and tries to grow into an even more skilful solver.

An engineer thinks about the trends of development and avoids reaching harmful goals.

The history and use of the Oath

The Archimedean Oath is an ethical code of practice for engineers and technicians. It was proposed in 1990 by a group of students of the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne.

The Oath is printed in the Union’s diploma folders, which the Universities of Applied Sciences can order from the Union free of charge.

Archimedes, who lived in antiquity, was one of history’s greatest mathematicians and one of the first known engineers.