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ChatGPT – masterclass

Artificial Intelligence can be asked to produce a lot of different content, but can it create good and even original content? Can its results be formatted how you like? Can it answer questions that are not in its training data? The answer to all is yes! This advanced course takes your ChatGPT game to a new level.  


The aim of this course is to deepen your expertise in using ChatGPT, and to provide you with tools and techniques that exploit artificial intelligence in more demanding projects and tasks.  

Target audience

The course is aimed at individuals who already understand the basics of ChatGPT and want to expand their expertise. We recommend taking our ” ChatGPT – Work with AI” training before this course. 


The latest version of ChatGPT is used in this training. You can find it through this link: https://chat.openai.com. We recommend logging in to the service before the start of the training. 


Creating Efficient Prompts: 

  • Principles on how to write good prompts 
  • Can’t ChatGPT answer? It can, and this is how you force it to 
  • Teach ChatGPT to respond in the correct format 
  • Want more content? This is how you teach ChatGPT to produce almost any content 

Requesting Content in the Right Format: 

  • Requesting information as a table 
  • Easily copyable text in a code box 
  • Bold and other text formatting 
  • Requesting complex formats and structures (e.g., poems, letters, contracts) 
  • Instructions and step-by-step lists 

Advanced Tools: 

  • Using extensions with ChatGPT 
  • Searching for information online 
  • Using files with artificial intelligence 


ChatGPT, Artificial Intelligence, Prompts, Commands, Answers, Formatting, Table, Code-box, Extensions, Information search, Files, Integration, API, Automation, Scripting, Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, Cybersecurity, Community, Feedback, Development Suggestions