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Canva – basics

Visual content is more important than ever and there is one tool to do it over the others: Canva!  With Canva, you can easily make social media photos, general graphics or even videos and animated publications. 


In the training, you will learn how to use the Canva tool and build a wide variety of graphics with it, such as images, videos and even brochures. From social media posts using ready-made elements and templates to freely generating ideas. 

Target audience

The training does not require any previous skills. 


The training uses the Canva application through a browser, and it does not require installations from the participant.


Basics of using Canva 

  • How to get started Canva 
  • Paid vs. Free 
  • Making social media photos, general graphics, and documents 
  • Utilizing out-of-the-box templates  
  • Selecting and changing the image size afterwards 

Images and graphics 

  • Use and edit images in posts 
  • Image collages 
  • Use and addition of ready-made elements 
  • Add and color shapes 
  • Placement and layout and use of overlapping elements 
  • Pictures from your computer 
  • Place a picture as an object or background 


  • Add basic text elements 
  • Ready-made stylish text elements 
  • Editing text and choosing fonts 

Other content in publications 

  • Using charts 
  • Organize with folders 
  • Using and integrating different applications into Canva 

Save and manage graphics 

  • Download to your computer 
  • What file formats to use 

Publishing on Canva 

  • Posting content to social media directly from Canva & Schedule posts 
  • Store Canva content directly into Cloud services 

Video and animation 

  • Animate graphics 
  • Use video 
  • Use of music 
  • Save as a video 

Corporate brand and collaboration 

  • Bringing your brand look to Canva 
  • Creating content with a corporate brand 
  • Teams and collaboration 


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