Benefits for recent graduates

Graduate – take advantage of your benefits at Danske Bank! As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers, you will receive additional annual benefits of up to €700*.

Take advantage of the benefits. This Danske Bank page for the union members is only in Finnish. You can have the information in English from the Danske Bank customer service.

Danske Bank’s additional benefits for a recent graduate

  • The widest services for daily banking free of charge
  • Admission to over a thousand airport lounges and comprehensive travel insurance
  • Tools for saving and investing
  • Loan without a handling fee – you save €300
  • The largest services without a separate monthly fee – you save more than €260 annually.

You will be at the top level of Danske’s bonus program. You will receive benefits and discounts without monthly payment for at least five years. You will receive a Mastercard Platinum credit card and the most extensive services to manage your bank accounts and investments. Your spouse also has direct access to the top level of the bonus program when you join the Danske benefit program as a household.

The largest package of daily banking services such as the Mastercard Platinum Debit/Credit combination card, which includes comprehensive travel and purchase security insurance. You will receive 0.5% of all credit card purchases.

The package also includes the Real-time service, which includes tools for saving and investing

  • Real-time exchange rates on the desktop, mobile, and tablet banking apps in Helsinki, Stockholm, and Copenhagen
  • Market information on 49 different markets
  • Trade-in 25 different markets
  • Smart Order Routing: access to alternative marketplaces
  • Exchange rate alert service by SMS / email
  • Versatile tools to analyze your investment portfolio
  • Real-time news services from Kauppalehti and Dow Jones Newswires
  • Online calculation of capital gains/losses

Priority Pass allows access to more than 1,000 airport lounges around the world. The card includes two lounge visits per year, free of charge. You will receive the card free of charge when you transfer your daily banking services to Danske Bank. As a Platinum card customer, you will also receive foreign exchange and cash withdrawals without a service fee as well as comprehensive travel insurance and cash withdrawal insurance for funds you withdraw from an ATM.

Do you need a loan for new accommodation arrangements, a car, or traveling?

You can borrow up to €15,000 without a handling fee depending on your ability to make the repayments – you will save €300. You will receive a loan at a particularly competitive rate.*
Your MasterCard Platinum credit card has a credit limit of up to €10,000 depending on your ability to make the payments.
A mortgage is always cheaper than without membership
Apply for a new loan or ask for an offer on your current loan – Danske Bank will handle the bank exchange for you.
On top of the mortgage benefit available to union members, first-time home buyers get an additional interest rate of 4% on an ASP savings account.

* Actual annual interest rate for the loan. The interest rate on the loan is the Euribor rate with a maturity of 12 months plus 2.90 percentage points. The product is a one-off loan from Danske Bank. The actual annual interest rate for the loan is 3.88%, calculated on a loan of €5,000 (15.12.2017). The total amount of credit to be paid, including interest and expenses, is estimated at €5,506.93, calculated on a loan of €5,000 (15.12.2017), including invoicing fees of €2.50/month for a five-year credit period, totaling €150. The total estimated amount of the loan to be paid and the annual interest rate is calculated on the assumption that the credit period is five years and that the credit is fully withdrawn immediately, the interest rate, and service charges remain the same for the entire loan period and the loan is repaid in 60 fixed installments every month. The calculation takes into account the costs of setting up, withdrawing, and recovering the loan in accordance with the contract. This isn’t a loan offer. Only customers whose credit decision has been approved are eligible to receive a loan. To make a credit decision, Danske Bank will check the customer’s credit report from Suomen Asiakastieto Oy.

Easily apply for a new loan or invite bids for a current loan – Danske Bank will handle the change of bank for you. In addition to the mortgage benefits of membership of the union, the bonus for home buyers (ASP bonus) plus additional interest of + 4% is available to first-time homebuyers.

Danske Bank’s entrepreneurship experts will call you upon request and help you with questions related to entrepreneurship, such as business finance or on how to optimize day-to-day financial management.

*Danske Bank’s benefit and service package is offered for five years to union members who have completed their studies during the two years preceding the activation of the benefits. MasterCard Platinum and Priority Pass require a positive credit decision. The value depends on the benefits used.