Unemployment and being laid-off

Applying for a discount

You can apply for a reduction in membership fees if you become unemployed or are temporarily suspended for at least one calendar month. You are not entitled to receive a discount if you are receiving severance pay or other compensation related to the termination of the employment relationship.

The application for each year should be made latest by 31 December.

Applying for a further discount

If you have already been granted a membership fee discount based on unemployment for six months, a further discount may be applied for that covers 1.6 until the end of the year, or at most until basis for the discount has ended. To apply for a further discount, it is sufficient to submit the required certificate of unemployment (options below) to customer service. No new membership fee discount application is required.

Certificate required

For the application, provide a certificate stating that the period of unemployment/redundancy is valid indefinitely. The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland does not receive information through, for example, the unemployment fund or the TE Office. Attach one of the following to your application:

  • Certificate from the TE Office of the validity of the job search (available electronically from the TE Office’s website).
  • A copy of the latest payment declaration for the daily allowance.

A picture or a screenshot also works as evidence. You will be asked to provide more information for the application if necessary.

Discount amount

EUR14 from the monthly membership fee.

For the members of the Association of IT Sector Employees, the discounted membership fee is EUR18 per month (includes the unemployment fund membership fee if the member has joined through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland).

The start and the end of the discount period

Notify the Union’s customer service regarding any changes to the membership fee discount without delay. If you are hired again, you can also update your employment information.