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Excel advanced 1 – importing data and calculations

In Excel advanced 1 training, we get familiar with the most important features of Excel,  including importing data from different sources and calculation and functions. 

This training is the first part of the Excel advanced course. Second part is its own separate training, that focuses on dynamic calculations and Pivot.  


You learn how to import data from different sources and analyze it with functions. We take a look at Xlookup, Vlookup and Sumifs – functions and how to use functions inside of a function.

Target audience

The training is suitable for Excel users who already know the basics of Excel like how to use tables and how to calculate with different formulas. 

Program version 

This training is suitable for Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2022 for Windows and Excel 2016 on Mac. 


Advanced use of Excel 

  • Rehearsing the basics. Cell formating, calculating with excel and absolute references. 
  • Importing updating information from different sources. PowerQuery and Queries 
  • How to handle information in and between cells. Dividing information into cells and combining them with a formula. 
  • Go to speacial – feature. Conditional selection of cells.  

Advanced calculating  

  • Format as a table in calculating.  
  • Conditional calculation with functions. If and Sumifs. 
  • Fetching and connecting information with functions like Lookup, Vlookup and new Xlookup.  
  • Combining functions: Sort/Unique and Iferror/AverageIfs 


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