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Excel advanced 2 – dynamic calculations and Pivot

In Excel advanced 2-training we become familiar with the most important advanced features of Excel, including dynamic calculations and Pivot. 

This training includes the second part of Excel advanced. First part is its own separate training, that focuses on dynamic calculations and Pivot.  


You learn how to do dynamic functions and how to do effective and visual reports with Pivot. You learn how to use dynamic references and how to produce reports and analysis with Pivot tools. 

Target audience

The training is suitable for Excel users who already know the basics of Excel like how to use tables and how to calculate with different formulas. 

Program version 

This training is suitable for Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2022 for Windows and Excel 2016 on Mac.   


Advanced calculating  

  • Format as a table in calculating.  
  • What does the spread of formulas to multiple cells mean? Dynamic references #, @ and UNIQUE-function. 

Advanced information handling 

  • Rehearse of basics of databases.  
  • How to hide useless information? Managing your view with Grouping. 
  • What is Pivot? Introducing Pivot tool. 
  • Reportage and information analysis with Pivot. 
  • Grouping tools in Pivot 
  • How can I Pivot multiple Excel-tables or import information from outside sources to Pivot? Look in to Excels Power Pivot tool and how to build a working database. 


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