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Excel basic 2 – functions, databases and graphics

Excel Basics training will introduce you to the basics of spreadsheets and get you started in using the software. This is the first part of Excel Basics as a whole. 


In this training you will learn the basics of advanced calculation, i.e. the use of functions, get acquainted with databases and learn how to create visually pleasing and clear diagrams. 

In addition, you will become familiar with table objects and the basics of DAX calculation. 

Target audience

The training is suitable for novice Excel users, as well as for users who want to improve the efficiency of their work. 

Program version 

This training is suitable for Windows versions of Excel 2013, 2016, 2019, and 2022, as well as for the 2016 version of Excel for Mac.  


Basics of Function calculations 

  • What’s a function? Create and use Excel functions. 
  • What is DAX? Calculations in a Table-object. 

Manage and analyze large data packages

  • How do I sort the data in a table in the order I want? Sort and arrange a table 
  • How do I show only the part of my table that I want? Use the filter feature. 
  • How do I display the table header bar when browsing a table? Pin a title bar or rows. 
  • How do I print a large table? Automatically fit a table to a specific number of pages, and table page layouts, such as margins and orientation. 
  • What does Format as a Table mean? The most important features of the tool Format as a table. 

Visual and clear table 

  • How do I visualize content as a chart? Visualize data using column, pie, and line charts. 
  • How do I automatically separate the essential amounts from the mass? Apply conditional formatting. 
  • Can I view changes in values with trendlines? Take advantage of Sparklines 


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