Information on membership

Union of Professional Engineers membership creates a safety net for your career and fosters professional development. The Union of Professional Engineers can be joined as a full member, a student member, or a pensioner. Read more about the types of membership and the membership fee.

Membership benefits

The members of the Union of Professional Engineers have a wide range of different membership benefits for everyday life and leisure. Take advantage of membership benefits and make your everyday work life even more comfortable!

Changing membership information

You can update your information and pay your membership fees by logging in to Member pages.

Membership fees

The amount of the membership fee depends on your association and if you join the unemployment fund. It is also possible to receive a discount on membership fees in different life situations.

Unemployment fund

Through the Union of Professional Engineers you can belong to an unemployment fund and secure your livelihood in the event of a change.

Information for the employer

This section compiles the information needed by the employer to agree on the membership fee, to make contributions, and to notify of changes.

Are you considering leaving the Union

The Union of Professional Engineers is your professional career partner from studies to retirement. If you are wondering why you belong to the union or are considering termination of your membership, please see what you are going to lose.