Membership card and ILRY Mobiili

The Union of Professional Engineers is now also on your smartphone


You can download the app to your smartphone from
Google Play and Apple App Store. At the moment the app is only in Finnish. You can find the app under the name ILRY Mobiili.

Log in

  1. Open the app
  2. Enter your membership number.
  3. A login code will be sent to the mobile phone number listed in your Members pages.
  4. Copy the code into the app and the services are at your disposal

The Union of Professional Engineers’ mobile app provides the union’s services directly on your phone. In the app, you will find the salary counter, which allows you to browse salary tables, and see upcoming events, and job vacancies in the union’s job board. The mobile app also comes with an electronic membership card, so you will always have your membership card, membership number, and insurance certificate with you. At the moment the app is only in Finnish.

There is also a time tracking section of the app. You can record your daily working time in the app and it calculates your working hours and any working time balances and overtime according to the information provided. You can set a normal working day and the length of lunch in the app settings, so the calculation of working time can easily be done with start and end time recordings. You can send reports on your working hours in CSV format directly to the e-mail listed in your Members pages.

You can download the app free of charge from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The app requires a valid membership.

To log in, you will need a member number. After entering it, the app will send a login code to the mobile phone number listed on your Members pages. Once the code has been entered, the app will remain logged in unless the user logs out. One’s membership number can be found on the membership confirmation or the membership fee invoice.

If you do not find your membership number or your e-mail information is out of date, you can always contact the Union’s customer service.

The development of the mobile app will continue, and we would like feedback and suggestions from our members regarding its operation and features. You can give feedback via our customer service, the feedback form on our website, or app store reviews.