ILRY Mobiili – a mobile membership card

By downloading the ILRY Mobiili app, you get the electronic membership card and you can access the latest engineering news and the Event Calendar for trainings and events on your smart phone.

How to install ILRY Mobiili

Go to Google Play or Apple App Store and search ILRY Mobiili. The application is free of charge but requires a valid membership.

  • Open the app and enter your membership number or your email address. You can find your membership number from the membership confirmation or membership fee invoice. If you are unable to find your membership number or your email address is out of date, please contact the Union’s customer service.
  • You will receive a login code via text message to the phone number registered on your membership account.
  • Enter or copy the PIN code.

Once you have entered the login code, the app will remain logged in unless you log out, in which case, you can still find, for example, your insurance information without an internet connection.

Browse app’s features

  • In the News section, you can find bulletins and the latest Insinööri magazine news.
  • The Mobile membership card sections contains your membership number and your travel insurance information.
  • Event Calendar displays current trainings and events. You can make a note of your favourites and send them to a friend.
  • Working hour tracker adds up the hours you enter and compiles a summary in CSV format to your email.
  • Membership benefits assembles the Union’s services and benefits.
  • Your career takes you to the Salary Counter and Job Board where you can find job vacancies.

You can also download the field’s most important collective agreements from the application, and if necessary, quickly check what is included in the agreement. Remember that as a member of the Union, you also have access to a wide range of experts. Through the contact information, you will find the most suitable way to be contacted.

Development of the mobile app will continue, and we would like to have feedback and suggestions. You can give feedback via our customer service, the feedback form on our website, or app store reviews. Let’s make this the best app for engineers.