Membership for engineers, students, and pensioners

Engineer member/member

Members of the Union of Professional Engineers are engineers and other experts in technical fields. The Union of Professional Engineers can be joined via a regional or national membership association. The Union of Professional Engineers has 30 regional membership associations and eight national membership associations. The appropriate member association will be selected upon joining.

An engineering entrepreneur can also belong to the Union of Professional Engineers.

Membership for entrepreneurs

Membership fee

The membership fee is determined by the membership association.
It includes fees for membership in the union and association, as well as the unemployment fund if you have joined the unemployment fund through the union.

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Student membership

Students who are studying to become engineers, construction architects, or construction foreman can join the Union of Professional Engineers through the Union of Engineering Students (IOL). Students studying IT belong to the Union of Professional Engineers through Tietoala ry (Association of IT Sector Employees). Student membership includes all the benefits and services of the Union of Professional Engineers.

Student membership fee

The student membership fee is EUR30, which is paid once you join the union.
The membership fee covers student membership until graduation but does not exceed five years.
After the five-year membership period, a fee of EUR30 will be charged annually until graduation (for Tietoala ry, starting from 1.1.2020, a previous membership period will be taken into account when calculating the five years).

Also, the membership fee of the KOKO fund is invoiced annually for student members who are part of the fund. In 2020, the unemployment fund contribution is EUR66.

Changes in student information

The student information must be kept up to date during the student membership. Changes is student information, such as the estimated date of graduation, the educational institution, and the course of study, can be reported be reported on Members pages. In Members pages you can also join the unemployment fund if you are employed.

Log in to Members pages

Member pages content is in Finnish. Changes to membership information can also be done by e-mail to customer service. Please fill in your membership number or date of birth when contacting the customer service.


When a student member graduates, he or she must submit a graduation notice.
You can submit a graduation notice as soon as you have graduated, or one month before graduation at the earliest. The easiest way to notify your graduation is through the union’s Members pages.

From the date of graduation, the student membership will be transferred to the regional membership association of the Union of Professional Engineers, unless the member has indicated otherwise. By default, the membership association is determined by the postal address. Students in the IT field become members of the Association of IT Sector Employees unless otherwise specified by the member.

If you join during your studies, you will receive a discount after graduation on Union of Professional Engineers membership for the first 18-months without a separate application for the discount. In 2020, the discount is EUR14 from the monthly membership fee.

Additional information on graduating and the graduation notice

Pensioner member

The end of a career does not mean separation from one’s profession, membership of the union also continues in retirement. Pensioner membership includes all the benefits and services of the Union of Professional Engineers. The insurance expires at the end of the year the member turns 90.

Pensioner membership fee

The pensioner membership fee is charged annually, and it includes membership in the Union of Professional Engineers and its membership association.

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Applying for a pensioner membership

You can become a pensioner member once you retire permanently. Pensioner membership requires the termination of membership of the unemployment fund joined through the Union of Professional Engineers.

You can apply for a pensioner membership by submitting an application for a discount on membership fees, a termination notice of the unemployment fund, and proof of permanent retirement.

If you retire in the middle of the year, pensioner membership will be granted from the following full year.
A discount on the membership fee can be obtained for all full calendar months that you are permanently retired.

Retiring and applying for a discount