Taking family leave

Applying for a discount

You can apply for a membership fee discount based on unpaid family leave after receiving Kela’s daily allowance decision for family leave. There is no right to a discount during paid family leave or partial childcare leave. The application for each year should be made latest by 31 December.

Applying for a further discount

If your eligibility for a discount continues, submit a new membership fee discount application to customer service at the end of the previous discount period.

If your family leave continues from the previous year, you can apply as soon as you receive a normal membership fee invoice.

Certificate required

The application must be submitted with a certificate stating the duration of the family leave. Attach to your application:

  • Kela’s daily allowance decision

Discount amount

EUR20 from the monthly membership fee.

For the members of the Association of IT Sector Employees, the discounted membership fee is EUR12 per month (includes the membership fee of the unemployment fund if the member joined through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland).

The start and the end of the discount period

Notify the Union’s customer service regarding any changes to the membership fee discount without delay.