The membership fee statements

Accountants using company-specific references must send statement information on the collected union membership fees monthly or quarterly by the 15th day of the following month electronically via the Tyvi service.

Individual references are member-specific. Accountants using member-specific references do not have to provide us with separate explanations of the statements paid. With a reference number, the payment is applied directly to the member’s account for the month in which the reference was used for billing. Always use a reference number specific to the month of billing.

Statements must always be provided primarily via the Tyvi service.

Membership fee statements can also be submitted with Futunio’s Selvitys+ free service. The use of the service requires registration using your company’s business ID and a company e-mail address, after which the statements can be provided with a secure connection. The service is available at

If your company can’t provide information electronically, you can submit it safely via secure mail. To expedite processing, we hope that the paper statement will be in alphabetical order without a breakdown by the membership association.

The paper statement must at minimum include:

  • Member’s name and national identification number
  • Employer’s name and business ID
  • The amount of the membership fee to be paid and the period for which the membership fee has been collected and accounted for

Send secured email

Send secured email

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland informs the tax office of the membership fees cleared by the employer, per the timetable specified by the Finnish Tax Authority. All membership fee statements for the previous year must be available to us no later than January 10, so that we can provide the tax authorities with the information by the deadline.

The suspension or termination of the membership fee collection agreement must be notified to the union so that we know that the employer is not expected to make any statements, in which case we will provide the member with the self-paying member’s invoice. The notification can be made by e-mail to
The notification must indicate:

  • name and address of the workplace
  • name of the member
  • birthdate of the member
  • whether it is a suspension or a termination
  • in the case of suspension, indicate the starting month (first month for which the membership fee is not due) and the ending month (last month for which the membership fee is not due before collection is resumed).
  • in the case of termination, indicate the month of termination (last month for which the membership fee is due)
  • reason for suspension or termination of collection

Use form below to inform us of any changes.