Advice and tips for recommending membership

Quick tips on how to recommend membership

  1. Get to know the product, i.e. the services and benefits of the union
  2. Listen and try to understand what is important to your interlocutor
  3. Discuss and justify your perspectives, but also appreciate the other’s opinion
  4. Highlight the issues that are important to the other person in their current life situation (e.g. career services at the start of a career)
  5. Stay calm, don’t get provoked

To complete: after you have discussed membership, go straight to the point and ask: “Would you like to join?”

Fill out and print the recommendation form. You can use it to support your recommendation. The form allows you to explain why you recommended joining the union. The form also contains basic information about the union, contact information, and instructions for how to join the union.

You can also print out the brochure “Why join the Union of Professional Engineers?” to support your recommendation or for your personal use. You can find more detailed information about the Union of Professional Engineers and how to make use of membership benefits from the brochure.

Why join the Union?

  • Versatile career services tailored for technical professionals. Online tools, training, and personal guidance to move your career in the desired direction. CV and job application reviews by a professional will help you get a job interview and advance your career. Also, pay counseling assists in defining and justifying the request for remuneration.
  • Expert employment counseling helps to solve tense employment-related situations. The employment contract is the most important in one’s professional life. It is worth checking the contract with an expert from the union before signing it. The union’s legal counsels are also reviewing the non-compete, non-disclosure, engagement, director, and foreign command agreements.
  • Collective and national framework agreements make it possible to manage society’s competitiveness areas (salary development, industrial policy, tax, and social solutions). Contracts are also in the interest of the individual.
  • Professional networking is important and may create surprising areas for collaboration. You can find new acquaintances and strengthen your network at the events organized by the union or its membership associations.
  • Professional pride is an appreciation of your expertise and profession. Become a member and join people who work in the same field.
  • Membership of the union is also beneficial during leisure time, as membership includes various benefits and services that make everyday life easier.