Changing unemployment funds

The fund can only be changed when in paid employment. You cannot change unemployment funds when you are, for example, unemployed, completely laid off, on childcare leave or study leave, even if your employment relationship is valid.

If you are already a member of an unemployment fund, you can become a member of the KOKO fund without losing the membership and working conditions you have already acquired. The membership fee is not relevant when changing funds.

The new fund must be joined within a calendar month (1 month) from the date of termination of the previous fund membership to maintain the already accumulated membership and working conditions.

When the unemployment fund is changed, a membership application will first be sent to the new fund, and the old fund will be terminated only after confirmation of membership in the new fund has been received.
The membership fee must be paid to the old fund until the date of termination.

The working condition you gained in your previous unemployment fund will be maintained if the break-in membership between unemployment funds is less than one month. It is advisable to transfer the membership without a break, as the break time does not meet the condition of employment.

For matters related to the change of the unemployment fund, you can contact the union’s customer service if necessary.

Power of attorney for terminating membership

You can authorize the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland to terminate your other Union membership and/or unemployment fund membership with a separate power of attorney. The filled and signed power of attorney must be sent to the customer service either by e-mail or by postage-paid mail.

The Union of Professional Engineers (IL ry)

Tunnus 5005120


There is no need to put a stamp on the envelope when you use the postage-paid mail ID (vastauslähetystunnus).
You can choose to end membership in your previous union and unemployment fund on the same day when your Union of Professional Engineers in Finland membership and, if you wish, the KOKO unemployment fund, begins.