The payment methods for the membership fee

A paper invoice is the default payment method for the membership fee.

The membership fee invoice will be submitted annually in December-January or by mail upon joining.
The invoice can be paid as a lump sum or monthly. For pensioners and students, the membership fee is charged as a lump sum.

Please always use the reference number on the invoice when paying the membership fee to ensure that your payments are made correctly.

You can also order an e-invoice online to pay the membership fee. The reference number of the membership fee invoice is used as the order identifier.

After the order, the e-invoice will be delivered to the online bank monthly starting from the following month. Please note that outstanding payments must be made in accordance with the invoice previously sent. If you want to pay the membership fee with a one-off e-invoice, check the amount of your membership fee from the invoice/calculation sent earlier in the year and change the amount of the e-invoice to reflect the outstanding membership fee for the rest of the year.

For students and pensioners, the membership fee is invoiced annually as a lump sum by sending an e-invoice in January.

For the members of the Association of IT Sector Employees, the e-invoice defaults to the maximum membership fee. If necessary, the amount can be changed in your online bank before accepting the payment to match your percentage-based membership fee. However, the fee must be at least in line with the minimum fee.

Union of professional engineers would not make new employer collects agreement since 1.1.2022. Already valid employer collects agreement remain on force. If employer change, new employer collects agreement is not possible to make

Any changes related to the employer’s collection, such as temporary interruptions or the end of the employer’s collection, must be reported to the union’s customer service. This will keep your membership fees up to date and secure your membership.

Changes to membership information can also be done by e-mail to customer service. Please fill in your membership number or date of birth when contacting the customer service.

Membership fee tables

Employee collects tables