Particularly low income

Applying for a discount

You can apply for a membership fee reduction if your total income is less than half the average salary of an engineer. Particularly low income is considered to be a monthly income below EUR2,100 in 2022. The income limit takes into account all gross income, such as salaries, income as an entrepreneur, and benefits. The application for each year should be made latest by 31 December.

Applying for a further discount

If you have already been granted an income-based discount for six months, the discount period may be extended starting from 1.6 until the end of the year, if you still meet the requirements of the discount. To apply for an extension to the discount period, it is sufficient enough to submit the required certificate (options below) to the customer service. No new membership fee discount application is required.

Certificate required

A certificate must be submitted for the application that states that your income is particularly low. Attach one of the following to your application:

  • Salary calculation/certificate
  • Another equivalent certificate that states your income

A picture or a screenshot also works as evidence. You will be asked to provide more information for the application if necessary.

Discount amount

EUR14 from the monthly membership fee.

For the members of the Association of IT Sector Employees, the discounted membership fee is EUR18 per month (includes the unemployment fund membership fee if the member has joined through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland).

The start and the end of the discount period

Notify the union’s customer service regarding any changes to the membership fee discount without delay.