Application for a discount in membership fees

You can apply for a discount when you can prove that the period that entitles you to a discount has begun. If you are seeking a long-term discount, you must apply each year. The exception is a permanent pensioner membership, which does not have to be re-applied for after it has been granted.

Here’s how it works:

1. Complete the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland membership fee discount application form.

The active PDF form can be filled in and saved electronically. The signature may be filled in electronically. If the information you fill in does not appear on the form, first save the form to your device. Browser PDF readers do not necessarily store data.

2. Check below for information on the discount basis and the required attachment. Add an attachment to your application.

Unemployment / being laid-off, full-time study, extra low income, unpaid family leave, retirement, long-term illness, stay abroad, conscript / civilian service, job alternation leave.

You can also apply for a discount for another similar reason and provide a suitable attachment.

An attachment certifying the right to a discount for the year applied for is always required for the processing of the application, unless you have previously submitted the relevant certificate to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland.

3. Submit the application and attachments to the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s customer service.

Send the application to

If you send an application by post, you can use the Post Paid code below. There is no need for a stamp.

Union of Professional Engineers (IL ry) / Discount

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