Settlement of membership fees

Membership fees will be collected by the 10th of the month following the collection agreement. The reference information provided by the union must be used in the calculation of membership fees. If the salary is paid to a member more than once a month, the same reference will be used for all settlements for the same month.

Reference lists will be sent to payroll each year in early December. When collection begins in the middle of the year, the reference lists are sent to payroll after the collection agreement reaches the union.

Methods of settlement

Membership fees are billed per member with member-specific reference numbers, a separate statement should not be sent to the union.

Company-specific reference numbers are used to bill all the membership fees from an individual company monthly. Membership fee statements are submitted to the Union on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Change in settlement method

If there is any question about the accounts or you want to change the settlement method, please contact the member information service at