Private legal matters

The Union of Professional Engineers in Finland has an agreement with the Eversheds Law office regarding a telephone advice line that helps members in legal matters regarding their private lives.

The service itself is free of charge and also applies to family members living in the same household as the member. The advice relates to matters of private law. Advice can be asked, for example, about inheritances and wills, prenuptials, partitions, and gifts. Issues related to employment and employment relationships and duties are excluded. In those situations, the member should contact the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland’s advise line on working relations.

Mention that you want telephone advice from a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. Let the legal counsel know your name and membership number. The content of the discussion is confidential and is under attorney and client privilege.

Scope of the service

The member of the Union should be able to describe the situation over the phone so that the union legal counsel can settle the matter on the phone without having to go through documents or e-mails. The service does not cover the preparation of documents.

According to the best legal practice, a legal counsel cannot take responsibility for the legality of documents drawn up by the member who is seeking help on legal issues. According to the agreement, a legal counsel does not advise a case that is handled by another agent or which the member himself has taken up in court or to another legal authority. In addition, the union does not pay for advice related to the members’ business and investment activities or trust positions.

Unemployment benefits, insurance, pensions, and other social security matters are excluded from the scope of the consultation.

Charges when calling company numbers as follows:

  • The cost of calls will be charged at the mobile phone rate when dialed from a mobile phone and at the local network rate when dialed from a landline.
  • When calling from abroad, the price is determined according to the price list of the local operator.

Privacy Notice: