Turva’s benefits for other insurances

Turva’s customer benefits are a perfect ten

The Union’s insurance partner Turva offers a 10% discount on insurances to the members of Finnish trade unions, as well their family members – you will receive the discount on all voluntary, continued insurance policies. If you have at least one other policy in addition to Turva’s home insurance, you will also receive a 10% owner discount.

If you only have one insurance policy, you will receive an owner discount after being a customer for two years. These discounts do not apply to motor liability or life insurance policies.

Find out more about Turva’s benefits for the members of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland on the tailored website at turva.fi/insinooriliitto.

Protect your loved ones with the new Turvassa life insurance policy – only €6.06/month*

Life insurance does not directly benefit you personally, but rather those you love the most. Turvassa life insurance is a new life insurance policy that is also inexpensive, particularly for members of the Union of Professional Engineers – only €6.06/month (*a sample price in 2022: a 30-year-old member of the Union, amount of compensation €100,000). Turvassa life insurance is provided by LocalTapiola Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Protect your loved ones at turva.fi/henkivakuutus (in Finnish).