Life insurance and other benefits

Membership of the Union of Professional Engineers includes a comprehensive insurance package that covers you during work and leisure time. The insurance agreement is with Kaleva Insurance.

As a member, you will also receive a discount on other Kaleva insurance policies you have taken out. As a member, you can obtain the most affordable life insurance in Finland* with a 65.1% discount on the full premium.

Life insurance will cover your family’s financial concerns if you die. You will receive a life insurance premium for yourself and your spouse 65.1% cheaper than usual premium at Finnish webpage

You can calculate your life insurance premium with a calculator that is located under the price, or on the Finnish webpage website. The calculator is only in Finnish.

Additional security with Primus accident insurance

You can also make the accident cover included in the union membership more comprehensive with Primus accident insurance. At the same time, you can also insure your spouse at a low cost.

For your child, you can obtain comprehensive accident insurance, which is valid at all times and everywhere – even in competitive sports – until the child turns 18 years old. Read more and organize your insurances at This website is only in Finnish.