Joint tendering

FriendsIn Oy is a pioneer in crowd purchasing, offering savings by issuing joint invitations to tender. The company’s platform,, is a new way to invite tenders for services. It brings together the members of the union for conducting their own joint invitation to tender.

  • Purchasing services together makes it possible to obtain products and services at lower prices
  • Registration is free and does not constitute a commitment to purchase
  • Local but nationwide
  • A carefree solution – the fixed-term joint procurement service renews automatically
  • Strength in numbers – the more participants, the cheaper the service

Tendering of electricity supply contracts

Electrical energy at a competitive price through group tendering! By registering, you become involved in the tendering process for the most affordable electricity supply contract. Several electricity companies operating nationwide with the resources to serve large customer groups at once are involved in the tendering process. This is a 24-month fixed-term electricity supply contract with one-time measurement of electricity consumption, and the tendering process is automatically renewed at the end of the contract period. This ensures the cheapest service on the market in the future as well, without any worries.

Electricity tendering is ongoing

New tenderings are held continuously. If you didn’t make it to the last tendering, the next is already ongoing and you can join it until the 15th of october. Register here for tendering on’s page (information only in Finnish)

Registration period

Tendering processes will be announced separately on’s page.

Use of the service is free of charge, and registration does not constitute a commitment to purchase – you can decide for yourself whether to be part of the tendering process for procurement of services.

Register here for tendering on’s page (information only in Finnish)

The service will also invite tenders for other procurements jointly in the future. These will be announced separately. By joining immediately via the link above, you will also be able to participate in future joint procurement.

Past invitations to tender

First tendering of electricity contracts ended on August 31, 2020. First tendering of electricity contracts brought hundreds of euros in savings to its participants.

More information about FriendsIn as a company: (information only in Finnish)

There’s strength in numbers!