Start of membership fee collection

Agreement on the employer’s collection is always made in writing between the member and the employer using the collection agreement form.

The membership fee collection agreement must be completed and submitted to the union for consideration before the collection begins.

A completed collection agreement signed by the member and the accountant will be sent by e-mail to the Union of Professional Engineers

The Union of Professional Engineers provides the payroll administration with the necessary membership fee, account number, and reference number information upon receipt of a new membership fee collection agreement.

The starting date of the membership fee is the first day of the month from which the payroll administration will pay the member’s membership fee. Membership fees prior to this month will be paid by the member himself using the invoice previously submitted to him/her.

The suspension or termination of the collection agreement must be notified to the Union of Professional Engineers. The notification can be made via e-mail to The notification must indicate:

  • name and address of the workplace
  • name of member
  • birthdate of member
  • whether it is a suspension or a termination
  • in the case of suspension, indicate the starting month (first month for which the membership fee is not due) and the ending month (last month for which the membership fee is not due before collection is resumed).
  • in case of termination, indicate the month of termination (last month for which the membership fee is charged)
  • reason for suspension or termination of collection

If the employer or paymaster changes, a new collection agreement must be made

Annually in early December, the Union of Professional Engineers notifies the employer regarding the full year’s membership fees.