Switching to membership for pensioners

Membership of pensioners

Based on the permanent retirement, a pensioner membership may be granted. There is no right to a discount for part-time retirement. Pensioner membership includes all the benefits and services of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. The insurance expires at the end of the year the member turns 90.

Fixed-term pension

An annual discount for the membership fee may be granted based on a fixed-term pension.

Applying for a discount

You can apply for a membership fee discount as well as a possible retirement membership after receiving a pension decision. When you apply for a discount based on a permanent retirement, please also terminate your unemployment fund membership if taken through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland. Terminating the unemployment fund membership through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland is required to get the pensioner membership status. Unemployment fund membership automatically ends only at the end of the calendar month in which the member reaches the age of 68.

Certificate required

An application must be accompanied by a certificate proving retirement. Attach one of the following to your application:

  • Copy of the pension decision
  • Copy of the pension’s index increment declaration

A picture or a screenshot also works as evidence. You will be asked to provide more information for the application if necessary.

Discount amount

The annual fee for pensioner membership varies according to the membership association. Additionally, the unemployment fund fee will be deducted when you discontinue membership of the fund.

Membership fee and membership fee tables

The discount based on a fixed-term retirement is EUR14 from the usual monthly membership fee. For the members of the Association of IT Sector Employees, the discounted membership fee is EUR18 per month (includes the unemployment fund membership fee if the member has joined through the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland).

The start and the end of the discount period

Any changes regarding the membership fee discount based on a fixed-term pension shall be notified to the customer service of the union without delay.