Insurance package for members with Turva

As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland, you are insured as of 1 January 2022 with the following insurances:

Non-occupational traveller’s, luggage, travel liability, and legal expenses travel insurance

• Valid during leisure-time domestic and foreign travel
• The insurance also covers any children and grandchildren under the age of 20 who are travelling with you
• The traveller’s insurance provides compensation, without limitation, for expenses accrued in the event of a sudden illness or accident during travel. The insurance also covers any expenses resulting from the cancellation or disruption of the trip, as well as a missed departure.
• The luggage insurance covers luggage damage up to €1,134, with a deductible of €150.
• The insurances are valid until the end of the year in which you turn 90.

Non-occupational accident insurance

• The accident insurance includes compensation for the treatment expenses of leisure-time accidents up to €10,391, with a deductible of €84. The insurance also covers compensation for accidental permanent disability and death.
• The insurances are valid until the end of the year in which you turn 90.

Professional liability insurance

• The insured covers individual members of the Union and member associations and their affiliates in matters related to the insured person’s own employment or service. The insurance also covers the members of the Union who work as independent entrepreneurs and receive commissions either on a full-time or part-time basis alone without employees. Student members are insured when their work supports their studies.
• The insurance covers personal and material damage that members have caused in their work and for which the insured are liable under current legislation.
• The insurance is valid in the Nordic countries, for students in Europe.
• The sum insured per insured event is €100,000, with a deductible of €100.

Organisation insurance

• Valid whenever participating in the Union’s organisational tasks or events, such as meetings, seminars, or training days.
• The insurance includes traveller’s, luggage, travel liability, and legal expenses travel insurance.

For more information about the content of these insurances, visit the insurance website tailored for the members at

The membership card is your insurance certificate

A valid membership card will act as your travel insurance certificate. If you do not yet have the mobile application of the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and an mobile membership card, check them out and download the Union’s mobile app, ILRY Mobiili.

You can also access your travel insurance card and more information on the Union’s insurances in Turva’s mobile app TaskuTurva. You can download the app on Turva’s website (in Finnish). The app also provides you with convenient information on reliable doctors when you’re travelling abroad.

You can order a separate travel insurance certificate or visa certificate from Turva (in Finnish).
You can also request the said certificates through Turva’s customer service by calling +358 (0) 1019 5110 or visiting Turva’s office. You can find the contact details on Turva’s website (in Finnish).

Apply for compensation

Follow these steps to apply for compensation (in Finnish):

• Log in with your online banking IDs on Turva’s website
• Select “Korvaus- ja vahinkoasiat” (Claims matters) -> “Hae korvausta” (Apply for compensation)
• Select “Liittojäsenen vahinkoa” (Union member’s claims) from the “Mitä vahinkosi koskee” (What is your claim about) menu and fill in the information according to the instructions.

You don’t need to attach documents to the application; Turva will request these if needed.
You can receive a payment commitment from Turva for an MRI, procedures, and physiotherapy. The doctor treating you will request the payment commitment from us. You will receive the decision by a text message, phone or Turva online service within a few days.

You can find instructions for damage situations on the insurance website tailored for members as well as on TaskuTurva (in Finnish).