Investment benefits

As a member, you invest easily and cheaply. Everyone can invest easily in a way that suits their life situation. As a member of the union, no matter where you bank, you get access to Danske Bank’s investment benefits – whether you are an independent investor or you are looking for an easy ready-made investment solution or personal advice.

Take advantage of the benefits. This Danske Bank page for the union members is only in Finnish. You can have the information in English from the Danske Bank customer service.

Start prospering and choose a way to invest that suits you. Money does not automatically bring happiness, but it offers economic peace of mind and independence. Danske Bank offers you the tools to prosper – choose your own way!

Make an investment plan online, and Danske Bank will recommend the most suitable fund options for you. The funds included in the service are managed by the portfolio manager, who invests the funds globally on your behalf through cost-effective ETFs and index funds. You can start investing already with such a low sum as €10 per month. With the help of the Financial Management online service, it is easy to start investing regardless of the number of funds available or lack of previous investment experience.

You have access to a wide range of digital services and comprehensive global investment options with competitive commission fees. Kaupankäynti Online service is a suitable choice for you if you are an independent investor. Also, read more about the equity savings account and how to open it.

You may already have accumulated assets, and you would like to get investment advice from an expert and discuss financial management solutions. By booking a meeting, you can take advantage of the help and advice of Danske Bank experts in investing. Find out more about investment options at The specific page is only in Finnish.

Kaupankäynti Online service without monthly fees. You pay only when you make a transaction. In those cases, you pay commissions for the transactions you make. Commissions automatically start from price level 2 (0.12%, min. €5). The benefit also applies to the share savings account.

  1. Financial services and investment advisory services -15%.
  2. For the investor, the Danske account and online banking are free of charge.
  3. Transfer of book-entry account to Danske Bank without costs.
  4. Free introductory meeting for entrepreneurs and support in personal loan matters.
  5. Service from people who specialize in your affairs
  6. Track and manage investments conveniently on your mobile.

An existing investment agreement with Danske Kaupankäynti, Danske Sijoitusneuvonta, or Danske Varainhoito is required to take advantage of the benefit. In the event of contract termination, the fees and contract terms will be in accordance with the policies in use at the time of the termination. For other services, a fee is charged in accordance with the current price list.