Member+ service

The service brings together all the membership benefits for working life and leisure that are available at the Union of Professional Engineers in Finland and Akava. The benefits include wellness, sports, travel, online shops, and audiobook services.

  • Hotel and Spa discounts
  • F-Secure’s security services at a membership price
  • Cottages and holiday apartments (Vierumäki, Kopparö, Ruka, Tahko, Vuokatti)
  • Benefits for banking and insurance services (Danske Bank, Turva, Kaleva)

The shared benefits for all Akava affiliated unions include:

  • Travel and holiday benefits (Tallink Silja, Viking Line)
  • Benefits related to wellness and exercise (Clients,, GolfPassi)
  • Special services (Shareit Blox Car, Kiho – Ajopäiväkirja, Priority Pass)

Some of the joint benefits for all Akava affiliated associations are changed seasonally according to the current theme. You can find these and hundreds of other benefits in the memberplus service.

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Note! The union’s direct login is currently disabled. After registration, login with a email and password. If your password has expired, you can order a new one from the service.