Insurance package for members

As a member of the Union of Professional Engineers, you are insured by the following insurance policies:

Union insurance, including travel insurance, luggage insurance, and accident insurance during leisure time. The insurance is valid until the end of the year in which you turn 90.

  • Travel insurance is useful if, for example, you are injured or sick during a holiday.
  • Travel insurance also includes children and grandchildren under the age of 20 who are traveling with you.
  • Accident insurance covers the costs of treating accidents (such as medical visits) and includes protection against permanent injury and accidental death.
  • The insurance also includes baggage insurance, which compensates for baggage damage up to €1,120. The deductible is €150. Baggage insurance also includes travel liability and travel legal insurance.

Note: As of 1.7.2019, the insurance policy is valid until the end of the year when you turn 90. The insurance covers the damage suffered by persons aged over 70 and under 90 from 1.7.2019 onwards, not retroactively.

Read If’s Coronavirus information for passengers here

Liability insurance intended for occupational damage:

  • Liability insurance protects against liability (concerning personal and property damage to your employer, co-worker, or a third party caused by misconduct or negligence for which you are liable under current law).
  • If you find yourself in a situation where you think you need the safety net provided by this insurance, please contact the Customer Service of the Union of Professional Engineers first.

Union’s insurance policy intended to cover accidents at the union’s events.

Read more about the insurance content on If’s website. This website content for the Union members is only in Finnish.

The membership card is an insurance certificate

A valid membership card will act as your travel insurance certificate (mobile application membership card or traditional plastic membership card). If you do not yet have a mobile application from the Union of Professional Engineers and an online membership card, check it out and download the Union of Professional Engineers’ mobile app.

You can order a separate travel insurance certificate or visa certificate from If’s customer service or If’s online service.

Are you traveling and you need a doctor?
You can check If’s nearest contract doctor and hospital here
The website is only in Finnish.

This is how you make a personal insurance claim:

  1. Log in with your online banking to If’s Omat sivut at
  2. Select Vahingot at the top of the page.
  3. On the Vahingot page, you can see all the documents related to the claim.
  4. Select the damage report you want to fill out. For example, if you wish to report an accident, select ”Tapaturma: Ilmoita uudesta vahingosta tai täydennä kuluja aikaisemmin ilmoittamaasi vahinkoon” under the ”Minä ja perheenjäseneni” menu.
  5. Fill in the notification and then click to send.

In many cases, you will receive a compensation decision immediately. In other cases, If will contact you. Receipts or supporting documents need not be attached to the claim report but will be requested by If if necessary. For more information on making claims, please contactövahingot. You can also call If and make a claim over the phone.