World Engineering Day

UNESCO’s theme day The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development (WED) is celebrated for the sixth time this year for March 4th.

Engineers Finland recommends everyone to have cake and coffee in honour of engineers. Post your cake and coffee moment with the hashtags #wedfi24 #worldengineeringday

Three Lessons in AI Ethics: A Deep Dive into Responsible AI Practices -webinar

Monday 4.3.2024 at 8.30 am

Tech experts are leading the charge in the development and utilization of Artificial Intelligence. We’re the driving force behind AI tools and applications, and of pioneering their widespread integration into our work and studies. But with great technological power comes an even greater responsibility. It’s imperative for tech professionals to be acutely aware of the ethical considerations surrounding AI’s development and usage.

This year, Engineers Finland is celebrating World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by championing our community’s ability to lead and act responsibly in the dynamic realm of AI. Join our morning webinar to hear insights from three researchers on what every tech professional should know about the responsible design and use of AI. Don’t miss this chance to stay ahead at the intersection of technology and ethics!

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